“In an ideal world, no one would need therapy. In this world, many people did but didn’t get it for a variety of reasons. Liam believed some of them turned to the world of doms and subs.”

― Jane Davitt, Room at the Top

A Penchant For Servitude...

You've just made the first step to ensuring all your submissive fantasies are about to come true.  Good on you, this is the first sensible thing you have done.

Welcome to my site.  I am Mistress Paris Rose.  I'm one of London's most amazing Dommes.  Over the course of this little intro I will make you understand why.

I have always had strong feminine dominant tendencies.  I use my feminine wiles to my advantage, mixed with my dominant flair.  Even as a child, I always had to have my own way.  As I got older people would joke and say I was a queen in my past life.  I today truly believe this.  The level of obedience and respect that I demand and is given to me, is naturally flowing through my veins.  I am an Ebony Queen.  

I enjoy dictating and there is nothing better than letting loose my inner domineering tendencies.

I decided to start doing the odd bit of BDSM here and there and slowly perfected my skills.  I watched and observed some of the greatest Dominatrixes in London and worldwide and knew this is what I needed to do and realised also that everything they do, I am doing naturally. 

I had great advice from fellow colleagues until I was ready to announce myself as a specialist in BDSM.  Here we are after a few years of experience and I can say I enjoy nothing more than allowing people to fall into submission and at my will.

Findom and Skype


Findom and all things related give me so much pleasure.  I love nothing more than cash meets and humiliating you to give your money to me.  I love being given a credit card and told to 'order what I want'.  I will rinse you thoroughly. 

I enjoy *'blackmail' and maybe those photos of you in a compromising position might get sent around your office if you don't meet me every Tuesday morning for coffee and cash filled envelopes.

I've met many a dreamer who thinks in his small mind he is a cash pig and he's not. Therefore, if you want me to even take you seriously, in order to do a Findom session; you must first purchase an Amazon voucher HERE.

You will be pleased to hear that I do now offer Skype and Discord sessions. You can participate in the following activities - financial domination, *blackmail, degradation, breath play, hypnosis, sissyfication, obedience training and following instructions.

Payment is via Cash App.  Please note you will see me from nose down. No full face.

Per 15 mins - £50

To make a booking email and we will take it from there.


*Please note this is all for entertainment purposes and is Role Play.  You must understand this is all part of the session.

I work alone or occasionally with other Mistresses, for all you greedy piggies. If you would like and can handle me plus another, then it can be easily arranged.


I command obedience and respect.  I'm beautiful and composed when I'm ready; when it is the right time.  A lady and a naughty girl in the bedroom - but I have a dark side. Ask yourself what is a lady who falls under the sign of Gemini like. Now ask yourself if you'd like to meet my twin; the prevalent, the mistress who resides deep within but loves to rear her graceful dominant head at any given opportunity - but will you allow your kinks to surface and explore subordination...? 

Yes, I am a stunning and elegant Ebony Mistress.  I have insatiable curves that make it very difficult for you to control yourself as you should.  I enjoy giving sensual and very mild domination too.  Teasing you whilst you are blindfolded.  Allowing your hands to explore my curves whilst I slowly run an implement over the sensitive parts of your body, teasing you, making you imagine and wonder what is actually going to happen next...

I am a mistress who likes to be in complete control.  I like to be obeyed and my instructions followed to a tee.  I enjoy playing with my subs and mixing pain with pleasure. To have pain inflicted on you by my hands is an honour that only the deserving can experience.  

If you've never had the pleasure of obeying an Ebony Goddess then you will learn with me and you will become the submissive you've always yearned to be.


I enjoy participating in mild to not so mild domination play.  Which includes:


BDSM giving

Tie and tease



Foot worship


Dog training

Strap on

Corporal punishment

Caning / flogging


Nipple play

Obedience training

Cross dressing/Feminisation 

Pay pigs

Body worship - ass, feet etc

Role play - e.g. Headmistress punishment, writing lines etc


This is not a complete and final list, so if there is something that you have a particular fetish for and it is not on the list feel free to enquire about it, you never know..

Booking Etiquette

My preference is for you to use the below booking form or to send an email which includes all of the requested information from the booking form. 

I ask for written bookings so that I have what I need in order to book our session right in front of me.  I can read over it at my own pace and then check my availability for your requested booking.  I can also organise appropriate accommodation - as every booking is unique, I have to set aside the time and location for each booking.  So I'm sure you will appreciate this is much more easily achieved by receiving a booking form, or concise email.

I do not take bookings for 'now'.  I take advance bookings. The minimum notice I require is 4 hours.  So, for example, if you want a booking for 2pm, I strongly advise organising the evening before.

24 hours notice is preferred.  Again, reasons as above and I like to be prepared for my sessions and not rush anything.  I like to be organised and everything to be in order.  

All bookings are subject to a deposit. The remainder to be paid in cash upon arrival.  

Booking Etiquette

When making your booking be specific as to what type of session you want.  There are SO many different avenues with BDSM, you can't just say you 'want BDSM'.  So, when making your booking say for example - 'I enjoy caning and bootlicking mainly, this is what I'd like during our session'.  (This is just an example)


I cannot stress this enough, especially for those of you who want mild domination.  There is nothing worse than you coming along and getting it full throttle, when all you wanted was a bit of tie & tease and denial!

What is an even bigger passion killer is stopping our session midway, to discuss, because it's not the type of domination you you wanted.  

Lets get all the paperwork out of the way beforehand, so we can both enjoy our time together.

So - be clear.

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