August 18, 2016


 So time for a rant! 


I spend a lot of time, effort and money on my photos and website content.  I write everything myself.  Writing is something I enjoy and it all flows so easily, however, it doesn't mean it's ok for someone to come along and rip it off!


Whilst browsing providers on a well known directory I discovered an escort who'd copied parts of my bio and moulded it into other text (probably also stolen!)

To say I'm annoyed is an understatement.  I was reading and I thought "hang on a minute, this looks familiar!" Look, us ladies of an elite caliber spend time making ourselves stand out. Some ladies actually pay someone to write their content for them, imagine how they feel seeing bios paid for with their money sitting on someone else's interface! 

I write my content from the heart, I want it to identify with who I am as a person and also who my client will be meeting. It's an introduction to me, Paris; it's to leave them intrigued, eager to pick up the phone and make a booking and to see if I am in person how I am on 'paper'.  Why on earth would you copy that?  So you are in a nutshell fake then?  You have no identity? Or you're just a lazy s*d!  In most cases it's all three.


I've also had my photos stolen numerous times and ladies please be aware your name is not enough.  I had one incredulously call herself Paris too! So this is why my photos are emblazoned with my website and any directory that does not accept this watermark then toodles; as I've had enough of these photo and bio thieves!


We are not all grade A English students, but personally a well written bio at your own hands is a much better look than stealing content from someone who's had those lines in her bio for the past four years now!


On that note rant over, but please be aware I have the DMCA forms and all the Google reporting tools in my favourites bar!


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